The purpose of the 拉马尔州立大学亚瑟港 Office 公共信息 is to communicate the story of 开云体育平台登录入口 through graphic design, Web content, advertising, publications, public relations, events, and other 通信 and media. 这个部门 has numerous responsibilities that serve faculty, staff, students, and the entire 开云体育平台登录入口社区.

格里·L. Dickert, 公共信息 Coordinator

Ashely De La Cruz, 公共信息 Assistant

Blake Bertrand, Web Support Specialist



The Office 公共信息 serves as the on-campus liaison for Anderson Marketing Group, the agency through which all advertising is purchased for 开云体育平台登录入口. 在一起, the Office 公共信息 and Anderson Marketing Group create print advertising, television and radio commercials, outdoor billboards, digital and interactive, and 社交媒体广告. All 大学 and departmental advertising requests must originate through the Office 公共信息.

员工 business cards can be ordered by contacting the Office 公共信息.

Stationery in printed or electronic format can be ordered by contacting the Office 公共信息.

The Office 公共信息 coordinates public relations events such as press 会议和正式演讲. The staff also creates and distributes materials associated with these events and activities.

这个部门 creates, designs, and publishes a number of materials targeted to the internal 拉马尔州立大学亚瑟港, including an online publication designed 教职员工. 员工s are encouraged to submit news for Seahawk Scene and subscribe to the RSS feed to receive news in their inbox as it happens.

这个部门 works closely with local, state and national media on Lamar State 大学 亚瑟港故事. These include articles and features covering athletics, academic and technical programs, student and faculty success, 大学 initiatives, and crisis 通信. Any member of the faculty or staff may request a story or event coverage 通过新闻办公室.

这个部门 is responsible for documenting important events and distributing photography to be used in news stories, newsletters, on the website, and in other publications. When requesting photography services, please refer to the following criteria:
Criteria for requesting photography services
The 拉马尔州立大学亚瑟港 Office 公共信息 dedicates its resources to advancing the overall institutional image. The following criteria should be considered when requesting photography service from the department.

  • Why is the photography needed and how will it be used?

  • Is the photo newsworthy to local, regional, and / or national news?

  • How can the subject(s) to be photographed yield the strongest impact? 是什么? 试图捕捉视觉?

  • Is there potential for multiple uses of the photo (i.e.、新闻发布、出版、 杂志等.)?

摄影 requests should be made at least a week in advance. 点击此处提交 摄影申请表格.

这个部门 creates, designs, and oversees the printing of materials such as (but not limited to) 大学目录, student handbook, brochures, posters, flyers, programs, direct mail, banners, and invitations.

Providing a safe and secure environment for our students, faculty, and staff is a top priority at 拉马尔州立大学亚瑟港. 开云体育平台登录入口黑板连接 will contact members of the 大学 community through email, voice, and text messages in the event 在紧急情况下. Emergency situations that require communication with the entirety of the 开云体育平台登录入口社区 will be triggered by the Office of the President and 她已确立的代理人. General informational messages may also be sent to the entire campus or to subsets of students, faculty and/or staff. 开云体育平台登录入口的不同成员 staff are authorized to broadcast messages via Blackboard Connect. 给办公室发邮件 公共信息 to make a request for a mass message send.

The Office 公共信息 sends news items of interest to students, faculty 并根据需要安排员工. These internal news items typically include event announcements and reminders but may also include general informational announcements about news of interest to the 大学 community.

这个部门 is responsible for creating, maintaining, and monitoring the 大学’s main social media sites, including 脸谱网, 推特, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, 和Flickr. Social media guidelines 教职员工 are available on the website. If you are interested in creating a social media presence, please review the guidelines before contacting the Office 公共信息 to make your request.

The Office 公共信息 assists the 信息技术 Department in creating, editing and publishing content for the 大学’s website.